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Audiobook work

Location Sound and Recording/Editing/Mastering Engineer for Audible Inc. Projects Include Audio Dramas, Celebrity Narrations, and High Profile Productions and Location Sound for on-site and in-house interviews.

Notable Audiobook Projects: 

30 Days of Night - Multi-Cast - Recording/Editing/Master/Sound Design
David Copperfield - Richard Armitage - Editing/Mastering - Audie Nominated
Differently Morphous - Yahtzee Crowshaw - Editing/Mastering/Sound Design
Rise and Shine - Kelsey Grammer - Editing/Mastering
Basket of Deplorables - Multi-Cast - Editing/Mastering

Celebrity Clients:

David Duchovny, Michael Ian Black, Richard Armitage, Zachary Quinto, Mahershala Ali,  Adam Richman, Ernest Cline

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Software Development 

Currently rebuilding/redesigning off of the squarespace platform.
Stay tuned for updates.